Why choose Volbit batteries?

Volbit batteries are above average reliability and performance. Volbit batteries are produced only and exclusively in factories in Europe, because for us the most it is important to always respect the highest possible quality standards. Only in this way can we fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

The Volbit automotive batteries are designed on the basis of the most innovative solutions technological. Technologies used in plate making provide durability much longer and a very high mechanical resistance to vibrations.

The attention and care to detail also goes through the external shell, designed to satisfy most high safety standards. The construction quality of the external casing is such as to guarantee no electrolyte loss and protection against explosions, qualities that should not be underestimated.

Technology features

  • Hermetically sealed battery case, to prevent leakage
  • Top cover equipped with explosion-proof inserts
  • Increased service life and cycle life; up to 2 times longer than of standard batteries
  • Strengthened internal construction of the battery
  • High vibration resistance
  • Very High Performance
  • High safety of use
  • High stability and resistance to high temperatures in the engine compartment
  • Reliable start even at the load of a large number of current consumers
  • Perfect solution for vehicles with large number of accessories and frequent starting cycles

Get the fast starting power you need, even in the coldest temperatures, along with exceptional reserve capacity to run accessories of your car, all at an affordable price. Volbit batteries technology ensures dependable, maintenance-free, vibration resistant, spill proof performance and long battery service life.

Volbit batteries are completely sealed and maintenance-free; there’s no risk of electrolyte spillage, they never need water and because they don’t vent gases, the battery terminals won’t corrode. And while these are starting batteries, the Volbit design also provides greater RC (Reserve Capacity) and battery cycling capability up to an 80% depth of discharge, so there’s plenty of available power to run today’s vehicle accessories.

Being a well-respected company in the automotive aftermarket industry, Volbit provides products that are european renowned for their uncompromising quality and dependability. The company has an impressive product line, covering a majority of vehicle applications around the world. All Volbit parts and components are engineered to strict quality standards and are inspected and tested to guarantee exceptional performance and long service life.