Volbit Technology

Meticulous study of raw materials and continuous research. That's all.



Our Mission

Volbit batteries are born in response to the needs of customers from all over the world: a reliable battery capable of supplying energy to the car, even in the most extreme conditions. This is what we want and this is why our batteries are known in the industry for being some of the "strongest".


The tests conducted on them are particularly "stressful", with the use of modern technologies that test them in the laboratory all features. The use of an advanced vibration system (last of its generation) places the battery under high stress to evaluate its response and resistance even to the most important and protracted stresses in time. The tester used allows you to test the Vobit batteries on the three perpendicular axes X, Y and Z: a real stress test that evaluates the correct tightness of all the internal components and external battery; this is one of the most important requirements to which only the best batteries on the market can give a positive answer. Furthermore, the tester checks the battery file for the V4 specification contained in standard PN-EN 50342-1, which is a key parameter to determine the shock resistance.

"We are built to live with stress on a daily basis. For this purpose we possess within ourselves, as a gift, a set of resources that we have inherited from the past and which constitute our resilience."